After 30+ years as an Information Security professional at The Boeing Company
specializing in Identity & Access Management, Marty founded Techlosophy, and now you can benefit from all that experience.
Techlosophy is currently working to develop/refine several software products to have ready by launch time.


Techlosophy: Technology meets Philosophy


Techlosophy has a two-fold mission:

Welcome to Techlosophy.com.

We are a young company working on three products.

Information Security - Professional Services

Realizing that many companies are not able to employ a permanent and full-time information security analyst,
Techlosophy.com decided to make such expertise available on a part-time and temporary basis.
You can engage Techlosophy.com for just a couple hours per week, if that's your preference.
Techlosophy.com's founder has over 30 years experience with computing security at The Boeing Company,
and now Techlosophy.com allows you to benefit from this experience.

You can retain Techlosophy.com for assistance with any security needs, especially needs around Identity & Access Management.

Techlosophy.com was founded in 2021 by Marty Schleiff.
His resume is included here so you can become familiar with his successes and skills:

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Contact us via email at:

Here's some areas where you can find Techlosophy.com professional services to be beneficial:

Smart Cards
Access Control
Single Sign-On
Threat Modeling
Data Flow Analysis
Security Consulting
Provisioning Systems
Federation Consulting
Multi-Factor Authentication
OrgAdmin for AviationID.com
One-Time Password Systems
Authorization Management Systems
WAYF (Where Are You From / Home Realm Discovery)
Other Security Needs





Techlosophy is exploring various projects for entertainment, educational, and/or other purposes.

Current projects, with a brief description of each, are listed below:

Grandma's Game This board game plays similar to Sequence (with some slightly different house rules). Shelly's mom (Grandma) made the game for us (and for each of Shelly's siblings) as a gift, so we all call it Grandma's Game. Contact Techlosophy if this game interests you.

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Mormon Bridge This card game has several other names, but we have always called it Mormon Bridge. Contact Techlosophy if this game interests you.

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Index Ace This tool is kind of like bookmarks for any file on your system, plus any site on the Internet. As its developer was doing genealogy work. He decided to save local copies of any on-line source documents he found (e.g., birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates), because finding a document on-line today does not ensure you'll be able to find it next week. Changing privacy laws, natural disasters, ransomeware attacks, changing company pricing policies, or many other events can impact the availability of documents on-line. After saving local copies of these files (and digitizing other documents and/or photos), MyDocs helps you manage all these files by associating searchable names and labels with each document. Contact Techlosophy if this tool interests you.
WordJam This games plays a bit like a mini-Scrabble, with some new twists.
The game can be played independently, or sponsors could use the game as a contest to include with their own advertizing and promotions.
Contact Techlosophy if this game interests you.

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Data Flow Gizmo Creating Data Sequence Diagrams can be a real chore. Subsequent corrections often requires starting from scratch and creating a whole new diagram. With Techlosophy's Gizmo, it's easy to create new diagrams, and easy to modify existing diagrams as the data flow becomes better understood, or if changes are needed. Contact Techlosophy if this tool interests you.

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U2F/N1F Universal 2nd Factor / No 1st Factor
Password authentication is terribly weak, and most of today's security breaches probably involve a compromised password somewhere. FIDO is short for Fast IDentity Online, and U2F is short for Universal 2nd Factor. Most experts believe that stronger authentication requires the use of a second authentication factor; e.g., some combination of something you have (like a FIDO token), and something you know (usually a password), and possibly some sort of biometric. Techlosophy asserts that something you have is so much stronger than something you know, that many use cases don't require a second factor. So Techlosophy is working to evangelize the concept of U2F/N1F; i.e., Universal 2nd Factor / No 1st Factor.
Contact Techlosophy if this technology interests you.





Here are some articles pertinent to what Techlosophy does:

FIDO vs. FederationAppropriate ways to use FIDO,
vs. use of SAML, OAuth, and OIDC
Coming soon
Hip Hip FIDO!FIDO is Awesome!
Finally a practical password alternative.
September 2021
Back-End SecurityDon't Forget the Back-End
Another oldie-but-goodie from way back in 2011.
September 2011
Schleiff's LawAnything goodware can do, malware can do.
Reposted here from way back in 2011 - it's still pertinent.
August 2011